Registrations for the ABC '14 are now open


The Aitchison College Entrepreneurial Society, ever since its inception, has established itself as one of the most widely known and successful Entrepreneurial Society in Pakistan. In the past 6 years, the society has maintained its high level of standard in local and regional business competitions. Teams representing this society, whose members now serve as your Event heads, have been declared as the “Best Team” in several sub-categories of events like the LUMS Business Initiative 2013, Innovate, YLES and the Sicas Entrepreneurial Challenge 2011 & 2012.

The Society initiated the Aitchison Business Concept in 2009 with the aim of not only allowing young minds to exhibit their creative capacity, but also helping them to benefit from those with business experience as well. Entrepreneurship is perhaps a combination of creativity, foresight, intellect and bravery. Nowhere is the potential of individual empowerment more apparent than in the creative energies unleashed through entrepreneurship. Throughout our country young entrepreneurs are creating businesses, providing jobs, building brands and fulfilling their dreams. Arguably, the Aitchison Business Concept is a perfect platform for today’s budding entrepreneurs.

Today, we stand on the precipice of the sixth edition of ABC. This three-day event is a culmination of months of hard work by our Secretariat, who proudly present to you an Event with not only thrilling and spirited competition, but also ingenuity and a promise of a memorable conference. The competition will comprise of different events, namely the Business Idea Competition, Ad-Making Competition, Case Study Analysis, Eco-Friendly Business Idea and the recently added, Billboard Design Competition.